We have installed 33 “biohut” fish nurseries under the port’s docks to promote the rehabilitation of Mediterranean flora and fauna, an artificial habitat that protects young fish recruits from predation and contributes to the growth of adult populations. – Eco Tank is on site in the harbor, collecting waste and pumping black and gray water directly on board your boat. Contact: 04 92 28 38 85 or

A Dpol 12 seabin robot vacuum cleaner preserves the coastline within the port perimeter by collecting up to 15kg of surface waste and hydrocarbons: http://

Our commitments are played out on the quayside, with the renovation of all electrical and high-current networks, the installation of smart terminals enabling the reasoned management of water and electricity flows remotely to raise yachtsmen’s awareness of their consumption. The installation of a new steel and wood quay structure has enabled us to raise all the electrical networks out of the water, and thus raise the quays to meet current standards in the face of rising water levels.


Our involvement is daily and is reflected in our modes of transportation: service boat and fleet of electric cars, installation on the quay in front of the harbor master’s office of a charging station for electric boats.

We constantly continue to responsibly involve the Port des Marines de Cogolin with the constant improvement of our infrastructures. This includes the creation of a reinforced breakwater and the dredging of the seabed to restore depth to the port. We also plan to completely renovate the harbour office and its esplanade, while taking part in the complete greening of the port to be in perfect harmony with our environmental values.



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